Care direct and support solutions 

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Care Direct & Support Solutions Ltd. is a domiciliary care agency providing care and support to the elderly and vulnerable adults. Partnership working with service users and opposing health care practitioners is essentially driven by the professional values of social care and the principles of empowerment and self determination. We provide excellent service to our clients in the comfort of their own homes, ensuring all service users are safely cared for,being protected from any abuse or harm. Care Direct & Support Solutions also promotes person-centred care by tailoring the specific needs of each service user ensuring their holistic needs are met.

Care Direct & Support Solutions Ltd. champions Equality, Diversity and Inclusion being key components of contemporary practice in which provides the foundations of good practice in Health and Social Care. We organise and respond to the diversity and unique experiences of each service user, leading us to treat each individual differently. Promoting equality incorporates challenging oppression and ensuring practice which is fair and guided by the principles of good care practice, promoting the rights of service users. 

Our service users are treated with respect, being involved in decisions in regards to their care and treatment which influences the running of their services. In meeting the needs of service users, Care Direct & Support Solutions understands the care, treatment along with support choices available to them. As care providers we encourage service users to express their views, depending on their capability, involving them in decision making in relation to their care, treatment and support. Our service users have their privacy, dignity and independence respected at all times, having their views and experiences taken into account in the way services are provided and delivered.  Care Direct & Support Solutions offer a wide variety of care in order to meet the needs of the service users.